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I do love my walking, I love to explore,
I love to walk old routes and to test out some more –
I am a responsible person, I do not mess about.
And I am mindful of cows, of that there’s no doubt.

When I set off on a walk (I cannot explain how)
There is never a sign of a herd or a lone cow.
But get to the middle, they are gathered around
And it is not always easy to find mutual ground.

I have sort of developed a sense of their mood
Which – up to now – has prevented a feud.
When they are hostile I do not go past –
I just walk around them, very quietly and FAST!

Cows with young calves are a bit of a riddle.
I am weary of walking on straight through their middle.
I try not to provoke, not to cause anger or fright –
I’d rather be safe than end up feeling contrite.

When they are friendly and either side of my path
I often walk past without incurring their wrath.
Indeed, sometimes they stand still as if trying to say:
“Come on then, you walker, you have right of way”.

At the end of the day, I do think and expect
That one should treat cows like people, eg. with respect.
They belong where they are, they are part of the deal –
So now you all know how cows make me feel!

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