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A week or so ago I walked a good stretch of the South Downs Way from Eastbourne over to Exceat via the Belle Tout lighthouse and Burling Gap. The views of Burling Gap and the Seven Sisters were breathtaking but imagine my dismay when I wanted to take some photos with my mobile only to find that I had lost it somewhere on the way.

Now, I know from many previous delightful experiences that the walking fraternity look out for each other and I had a premonition that somehow this situation would work itself out in a good way. Whilst sad to have lost my phone, I did not feel that it was a final parting and – guess what – a day later my friend received a message sent from my phone to her requesting her to let me know that someone had found the phone and had left it for me at the National Trust’s Visitors’ Centre at Burling Gap.

Needless to say, I set off again and had another lovely walk from Friston Pond to Burling Gap where, indeed, a member of staff was happy to return my phone to me. They did not have any contact details for the honest fellow walker who had found my mobile but a hand-written note attached to it said: “I do not expect any thank you but am a member and keen supporter of the National Trust. If you want to show gratitude, please make a donation to the organisation.”

I was more than happy to do just that. It was really quite touching to be the recipient of such a kind, honest and thoughtful gesture – well worth the £20 I slipped into the donation box.

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